February 23, 2017 DMG

Blackfish… a must see

My nearly ten year old daughter cried, which I’m very grateful for. It shows she has compassion for animals.

Blackfish, a documentary from 2013 telling the horrific story of orcas (killer whales) in captivity – yes, I’m looking at you Sea World.

When my wife selected it from the menu on our TV I immediately asked if it was about orcas in captivity. She responded yes, at which point I would normally leave the room. In general I rather avoid the horrible experience, but on this occasion I told myself to not be ignorant. I’m both glad and sad that I did. I know I should make myself more aware of the terrible way humans treat animals, but I know it will just utterly depress me if I do.

I won’t detail the film as you really should see it for yourself. However, the most gut wrenching part for me was the footage of them being captured in the wild… the young being taken from their mothers as they were ‘easier to transport’. Their intelligence and level of emotion is obvious, which is why I also shed a tear. One of the people responsible for their capture is interviewed for the film and as he thinks back to that moment he describes it as the “worst thing I have ever done.”

That is one of the better elements of this film… the fact that so many of the ex-trainers and Sea World staff are interviewed and they all unanimously describe it with horror and absolute shame. The total lies they are told by Sea World, which are then passed on to the park’s paying customers, are disgusting.

Please watch the film, and please say along with me… shame on you Sea World.